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One of the benefits of training at Kinetic Martial Arts is that we are one of the few clubs in NSW with a few classes a week devoted to the study of Weapons.

Like many of our classes, each Kumdo class will be different. During the class, we will practice traditional patterns, sparring and sword play.

As with all the training at Kinetic Martial Arts there is a structured curriculum that will allow you to measure your progress in Kumdo.

After an interview, we do allow members to join as Kumdo students only, but find more commonly that the participants of the Kumdo class are usually members from our Hapkido or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

Cronulla | Heathcote | Menai | Miranda
Helensburgh | Wollongong
Moonee Beach | Wadalba
1300 MY DOJO (1300 69 3656)


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