Our team of instructors are individuals that have had a strong commitment to their own martial arts training and development, and now want to pass on their knowledge to others.

Our instructors have all undergone instructor training, and meet weekly with Master Trent to refine their skills and improve their teaching methods. They all understand the differences between training adults, teens and kids and provide different classes to these different groups.

Our kid’s instructors are specially selected to be role models for our children, and have been screened by the NSW government’s “Working with Children Check”.

We can confidently say that our instructors are some of the best and most passionate around.

Master Trent Madsen

Chief Instructor

Master Trent Madsen is the Chief Instructor at Kinetic Martial Arts and the Head Instructor at the Cronulla Dojang.

Master Trent holds a 5th Dan in Hapkido, 2nd Dan in Taekwondo, Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is a qualified personal trainer with a Certificate IV in fitness. He has been training for over 20 years (and continues to train) and has devoted his life to the martial arts and assisting others be the very best they can be, both on and off the mats.

Master Trent teaches most senior belt classes, all instructor sessions and over 20 of the clubs general classes every week. You can also also find him doing the odd seminar at other dojangs around NSW sharing his experience.

Sir Matt

Sir Matt is the Head Instructor at the Menai Dojang.

Sir Matt has been training with Kinetic Martial Arts since 2008 and got his 3rd Dan in Hapkido in 2016. His skill & experience far outshines the dans on his belt as other Hapkido'ists have noted in their training with him. Sir Matt teaches a solid style of Hapkido and has assisted many of our juniors get their first belts in Hapkido.

Those taking any of the Kumdo classes will also get to train with Sir Matt first hand as he often teaches this eclectic area of study at Kinetic.

Sir Jake

Sir Jake is the Head Instructor at the Heathcote Dojang.

Sir Jake is a broadly skilled martial artist with a 2nd Dan in Hapkido, a Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Instructors certificate in Silat. He has competed in sparring and grappling tournaments and has a great deal of knowledge that he readily shares. Sir Jake will always be able to tell you how practical a technique is or the practical application of every technique in our syllabus.

Most of the beginners at the Cronulla Dojang will get to meet Sir Jake in their first month or so as he often helps beginners get to their first grading.

Sir James

Sir James is the Head Instructor at the Moonee Beach Kinetic Martial Arts Dojang.

Sir James has been training in Hapkido since 2007/08 and achieved his Black Belt in 2012. After achieving his Black Belt James also started training in Taekwondo and BJJ and has been able to take the personal development he acquired through his training into his business. Sir James believes that the lessons that we all can learn through martial arts correlate easily into life. You learn to be stronger mentally as well as physically.

One of his favourite parts of Hapkido is seeing other students achieve real breakthroughs in their training and reach goals that they thought they would never achieve.

Sir Iolo

Sir Iolo is the Head Instructor at the University of Wollongong Dojang.

Sir Iolo has been training with Kinetic Martial Arts for over a decade. He is a 1st Dan in the art of Hapkido, continues his formal training in BJJ, and has also studied in the martial arts of Judo and Aikido. Sir Iolo teaches both kids and adults classes, and believes that individuals should have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills at every stage of their lives. With a background in applied psychology, Sir Iolo is uniquely qualified to help you set, and achieve your goals – whether they be fitness, strength, flexibility, or developing self-defence skills.

Sir Shamus

Sir Shamus is the Head Instructor at the Helensburgh Dojang.

Sir Shamus holds a 1st Dan in Hapkido and has had a long love affair with martial arts that goes back to his childhood where he first began training in Judo at age 10. He has also completed Jiu Jitsu based self-defence courses at university level and continues his formal training in both BJJ and Hapkido. Sir Shamus is passionate about working with people and has spent most of his adult life working in tourism, hospitality, and disability. His ability to connect with his students combined with his technical focus in Hapkido is the perfect mix for teaching both children and adults.

Sir Tolmie

Sir Tolmie is the Head Instructor at the Miranda Dojang.

Sir Tolmie holds a 1st Dan in Hapkido and has a decade of martial arts training. He developed his passion for martial arts from a far at an early age, until he finally began training in Boxing at the age of 11. Eventually finding Hapkido, he began investing his time and effort towards his own advancement, including the assissting of others in their own growth. With several years of training and instructing, Sir Tolmie's classes are dynamic and excellent for Kids and Teens alike. Sir Tolmie maintains great focus towards the development of his students, and assists them in achieving their own goals.

Miss Cass

Miss Cass is the Head Instructor at the Ramsgate Beach Dojang.

Miss Cass started training Hapkido five years ago after a friend recommended martial arts as a fitness-focussed activity.  She now trains 10 or more classes every week at many of the dojangs, fitting this in around her busy schedule working as an Airline Navigation Analyst and Flying School owner.  Miss Cass enjoys helping others, with a strong interest in instructional methods and psychology, attending all instructor courses for both adults and children.  Outside of class, you will see Miss Cass running the sand dunes and on the mats assisting students develop their techniques.

Mr Fish

Mr Fish is the Head Instructor at the Wadalba Dojang.

His journey in Hapkido began over 3 years ago and when he was introduced to the art. Over these years Mr Fish has developed a keen interest in the art with a focus on fitness and coordination. He is currently working as an Engineer but has had a passion for teaching since a young age. This has continued for him throughout his adult life where he has done a lot of coaching for sports and volunteered his time to community programs. Using his life experience and positive attitude, Mr Fish will strive to see improvement in all of his students.

Our Junior Instructors

Our Junior Instructors are specially selected for their enthusiasm, commitment and values and form our Young Leaders team. All our junior instructors commit to assisting in one or more of the kids classes each week, and have the opportunity to attend some of our "Hwarang" days (i.e. all day training camps) during the school holidays. They are also strongly encouraged to attend our math’s day.

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