So if you’ve managed to get yourself here on our website, then you’re thinking of opening and running your own Kinetic Martial Arts club.

Before going any further there are a couple of critical items to consider:

  1. You need to care about all of your students and be able to focus on them above yourself.
  2. You must love to train in martial arts, and we mean YOU want to train, just as much as you want to teach.

If this is you, then feel welcome to read on.

Below are some questions that we think might help you understand what it’s like to start and then run a Kinetic Martial Arts club.

Do I need to be a Black Belt?
Actually no, not yet. But it has to be on your list to get. If you open a club within Kinetic, the Black Belts and the other Dojang heads will be there to assist you on your journey.


Will I get a Black Belt by opening my own club?
Ummm … no. If you open your own club that is about assisting others on their journey, but your Black Belt is your journey, you can’t buy a Black Belt with us, the only path to your own Black Belt is through consistent and focused training.

Can anyone open a Kinetic club?
Ummm … again it’s a no.  So to confirm applying to open a Kinetic club 100% in no way guarantees that you’ll be granted that right.  We do select applicants along several characteristics that may or may not be obvious to those looking from the outside, but to consider some of these selection criteria are:

Do I get special training?
Yes. Big time. Before opening the doors and taking your first class, there are some essential training sessions and experiences that you will need to complete, and depending on your current belt level, there might be some additional training to do too.

Tell me about the support?
We are really lucky with the culture of our group, there are two main ways we all get supported:

  1. The dojang heads usually speak to each other at least once per week and chat through the many unique items that come up.
  2. In any week its typical that a dojang head will make a call through to Sir Trent or Tammy @ HQ and spend some time on the phone or on zoom sorting through things.

Why does Kinetic Martial Arts exist?
The original mission statement for Kinetic Martial Arts when it had just 1 member was: “To help our members become better physically & mentally, making them better individuals & citizens, through training in Hapkido.”  Circa 2005. This is still the case today ...

If you’d like to learn more about opening a club, then call Master Trent directly on 0414 814 045.

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