"I can vouch for all the instructors. They care not only for Hapkido, but they also have a strong interest and belief in the individual. It is not just the best and those with natural talent that get encouraged and supported, it's everyone on the mats." - Rebecca S.

Rebecca's daughter has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since 2009. She started in our Sparrows class, and moved up to the Hawks class in 2011. Rebecca's son joined his sister in 2010, and the family has been with us since. You'll see these kids on stage at our annual Cronulla Spring Festival demo.

"I am so grateful to have found a place like Kinetic Martial Arts for both of my boys – for 2 very different reasons! One needs containing. And the other needs a confidence boost." - Elissa S.

Elissa's kids have been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Heathcote since 2013 in our Hawks class.

"Since my partner has started training at Kinetic, his physical and mental ways have changed! He loves training at Kinetic and can't get enough! He's now training there 6 times a week and is always looking at trying to do more!." - Kate A.

Kate's partner has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since 2011 and does the Hapkido and BJJ classes.

"My 4 1/2 year old son has been training at Kinetic for the past 12 months. In this time, I have watched him develop motor skills, concentration, respect and discipline but most importantly some great friendships. At Kinetic, it doesn't matter how much natural ability you have, if you have the right attitude and give 100%, you will be given 100% back. Trent and the team are extremely professional and passionate, and I would not entrust the care and development of Scott to anyone else." - Natalie M.

Natalie's son is in the Sparrows class at Kinetic Martial Arts.

"A great place to train! The combination of passionate, dedicated instructors with friendly, accessible members makes Kinetic Martial Arts a warm, supportive place to train. Not to mention the great social atmosphere that exists both on and off the training floor!" - Mark M.

Mark has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since 2010 and does the Hapkido and BJJ classes.

"Master Trent has a deep understanding of technique and how it should be applied, allowing him to create a unique involvement that attracts both new and experienced practitioners alike. He is energetic, extremely student focused and very disciplined. All of the trainers I have encountered at Kinetic are intensely pro-active and absolutely committed to the success of their students. However our lives continue to evolve, one thing will remain - the power of strength, fitness and flexibility." - Adam S.

Adam has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since 2013 and does the Hapkido and BJJ classes.

"Dear Sir Trent, I would like to thank You, Sir Paul and Miss Jess for organising "The Chicks Class" over the last month. Every girl that came got the opportunity to be themselves and not to feel intimidated by the boys. It was a well constructed and practical class for everyone. It was really cool how Sir Paul showed us techniques that Miss Jess demonstrated on a male larger than her very effectively. This has provided a lot of confidence to all the "chicks" that attended." - Aurora M.

Aurora has been training with her dad and brother at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since 2013 and is a Falcon.

"Hi Trent,
Just want to say thank you, after all the stuffing around etc, for what was a profound event for Charlie, he will always remember his right of passage and facing 'multiple grabs' to becoming a hawk.
His commitment to his task and his confidence to perform under pressure would not have been there 6 months ago. Well done on creating a great culture and bringing a sense of pride and self to the kids.
- Nick S.

Nick's son Charlie has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since 2013. He started as a Sparrow, and graduated to a Hawk.

"I can't even begin to describe to you the difference you and the instructors have made to his life. His focus has improved, as has his coordination, confidence & emotional understanding. He's achieving success at Hapkido & feels welcome there. We both feel that we also learn something when we watch his classes. It's great to be involved in such a positive environment where you work with us to help him grow. ”   - Mother of a Hapkido-ist after training for 2 years with Master Trent.

"This place is amazing ... My daughter started here just under a year ago, she had problems with confidence, self esteem , making friends and controlling her anxiety. All this has changed for the positive. The instructors not only make it fun but instill respect, confidence, structure, responsibility and discipline. As well as the art of Hapkido ,they teach about a healthy diet, mind, and body. My daughter loves it here and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”   - Claire S.

Claire's daughter Morgen has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since early 2015.

"I have been training at Helensburgh with Mr Shamus for a little while and I just have to thank Mr Shamus and the amazing training he delivers after every class I go home knowing that no matter what I must not give up because Mr Shamus has a way of changing your way of thinking to let you see you can accomplish anything with training. He has changed my life in a big way and I will continue to train. Thanks guys.”   - Dylan S.

Dylan has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Helensburgh since it opened in late 2015.

"Hi Trent, Just a quick word to say the demonstration today was awesome. The audience and the kids loved it! Kendal enjoyed it - once again we are over the moon about his Hapkido and your tutelage. Congratulations again and thanks for all of your time with Kendals. Kendal has always been a great kid but is turning into a champion young adult - and you have definitely played a big part in this - sincere thanks.”   - Trevor and Lee

Kendal has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since 2012.

"I have been training with Master Trent and his team for three years and have also joined my three sons. I really like being able to train with my sons occasionally and personally I have never trained at a martial arts club that encourages and motivates its members like Kinetic. I have previously trained in different martial arts and have never wanted to succeed in training as much as at Kinetic. I am looking forward to another three years minimum of training and personal improvement at Kinetic.”   - Chris R.

Chris has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Heathcote and Cronulla since 2013.

"Thank you Sir Trent , Sir Paul and team for the excellent teaching for my son William. Given a 'non-sporty' child a social activity that provides strength, challenges that are achievable with respectful friends and life skill guidance.”   - Rebecca H.

Rebecca's son William has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Heathcote since 2015.

"Ever since my friend introduced me to Kinetic back in 2016, I fell in love in love with it. The instructors help me out a lot with my strikes, kicks, grappling, census and signatures. Sir Trent is a great master, he supports me and everyone else in the club and same with the instructors. I love training here! Thank's for the great experience Sir Trent and instructors!”   - Tori M.

Tori has been training at Kinetic Martial Arts Cronulla since 2016, and is currently 12 years of age.

"I can't thank you enough for our experience today! The parent reports I am getting this evening is that the kids are still bubbling over with excitement! Master Trent was just amazing, and by using such specific language (right hand, left leg etc.) he allowed all our kids to participate fully! A superb instructor with just the right touch of humour! Our students were totally enraptured! The special attention and diligence shown by Sir Shamus at just the right moment to just the right child, was wonderful to see! It was impressive to see him create a master class for our older, more capable students too! This was a day they’ll always remember! On behalf of the Vision Support Team we thank you." - Lisa B.

Lisa is the Assistant Principal at a Vision School. Her students did a class with Master Trent and Sir Shamus in September 2018.

"The instructors who are involved in Kinetic Martial Arts are wonderful. They understand their learners’ needs and are skilled martial artists themselves. Leading the charge is the most capable person. Master Trent, whose approach is meaningful and effective is a most humble and open person with encouragement, high standards and an intuition for his students’ capabilities that is phenomenal! I am so grateful that my kids and I all attend a Kinetic dojang!" - Rachael C.

Rachael and her kids train at Wadalba and have been training with us for over 6 months.

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