Our Hapkido classes teach authentic Hapkido, in the true nature of the traditional art applying both its physical and non-physical aspects in every class.

In our classes you will learn to:

You will practice:

Developing your self-discipline and confidence in every class.

Our Hapkido students can expect to become well-rounded martial artists, comfortable in all areas of martial arts.

How Hapkido differs from other martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Kung Fu etc

Most martial arts focus on specific areas of un-armed combat. For example, in Judo, practitioners learn to throw. BJJ, is particularly well-known for developing grappling/wrestling skills. Karate, Taekowndo and Kung Fu all involve the learning of patterns, and are usually focused on punching, kicking and blocking.

In contrast, Hapkido is an eclectic martial art, meaning that in any Hapkido class you will potentially practise a broad group of techniques that could be allocated to any of the other martial arts. This presents both great benefits and challenges to the Hapkido'ist and Hapkido Instructor.

At Kinetic Martial Arts, our goal is to be able to throw as good as a Judoka, kick and spar in line with the capabilities of a Karateka or Taekwondo'ist, understand the physiology required for locking similar to that of an Aikidoka or Jiu Jitsu'ist.

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